Gaetano Siino born in Stuttgart in 1965. He started at the age of 8 years studying guitar and he graduated at the Conservatory of Trapani under the guidance of Maestro (Master) P.Nicolosi. At the same time he studied composition with Maestro Heliodorus Sollima and choral music at the Conservatory of Palermo. He also attended a composition seminar in Erice and another one by guitar gave by Vladimir Mikulka.

Gaetano Siino is an eclectic and versatile musician; he has an intense activity of guitarist-composer and he produced works in many different musical genres. His singular guitar experiences led him to know different genres preferring the folk one. This influence can be clearly seen in many of his compositions as in his ” Opera 1ª ” (“Work n.1”) (a sound poem in 4 parts), written at the age of 18 years.

In 1986, on the occasion of the Festival of Peace held in Palermo, he was conferred on the certificate of prestige; In 1987 he got a reward from Marsala village because of his musical activities in its schools; in 1994 he got the 3rd place in the competition “Il Genio e l’Arte”  (“The Genius and Art”) in Bisacquino village; in 1995 he was awarded by the municipality of Palazzo Adriano a recognition for his musical activities. He is currently working as Professor of classical guitar at the musical school in S.Giuseppe Jato.

Author of symphonic and chamber music pieces, he also oversaw the preparation and arrangement of numerous musics of Sicilian folk tradition, he collaborated on some CDs too.

In his production three different currents coincide, in some ways, to three different periods of his life: part 1) The Research current which includes “Sperimentale 1” (“Experimental 1”)  written for two guitars, sampler, synthesizer and timbral modulators; “Collage” for synthesizer and ensemble; “Preludio, Notturno e Finale” (“Prelude, Nocturne and Finale”) written for flute, clarinet, bassoon and piano; “Opere 3ª, 4ª, 5ª” (“Works n.3, n.4, n.5”) written for ensemble; “Electronic Suite” for synth and sampler; “Suite TRK” (“TRK Suite”) for orchestra ; part 2) The Ethnic-contamination current which includes: “Ballata Mediterranea” (“Mediterranean Ballad”) written for five guitars (it is present in the CD “Cubèbe” produced by Pierrot Lunaire); “Romanza” (“Romance”) written for guitar; “Etnica” (“Ethnic”) written for String Quartet with percussion instruments and orchestra; “Aritmica” (“Arrhythmic”) written for orchestra (for a String Quartet); “Pipersong” for saxophone quartet; “It’s just rock!” written for clarinet, alto sax, cello (all published by kelidon publishing house) – the Spirituality current  – includes: “Meditazioni” (“Meditations”) for piano; “Opera 6 ª” (“Work n.6) for synthesizers; “Morte perchè m’hai fatto ‘sì gran Guerra” (“ Death because you did me such a great war”) for choir and Baroque ensemble (recorded on the CD “Seven for seven”, production Euphonia production); “Opus” for synthesizers; “4 ricercari” for string orchestra; “Lux aeterna“ (“Eternal Light”) for chorus; “L’uomo dalle ali di fuoco” (“The man from the wings of fire”) for orchestra (these last three ones published by Kelidon Editions ).

The very early years of his activity he written two collections of music for films performed by himself and recorded.

Since 1996 his interest has been directed towards computer music. Then he experimented the use of sampled orchestral sounds and created a customized database and recorded on digital support many of his compositions for orchestra.

From 1998 to 2005 his work focuses on the production of music for theatrical plays.

In those years at the Università degli Studi di Palermo (Palermo University) he taught in a cycle of conferences on the theme: “Music and evolution of man”. Other conferences followed, in other locations, on the themes: “Art and Archetypal Beauty”; “The shapes of sound”.

In 2000 formed a duo with the flutist A. Curcio and they created two CDs (EDV production) and  played some concerts at prestigious musical associations.

            In 2007 he joined the group “Ma’aria” (“Magic”) ( with Valeria Cimò and Tommaso Chirco). With this group (which plays the world music) he took part in the ”Folkest 2008” and the group won the third prize in the national competition “Eldo di Lazzaro”, he recorded as a guitarist, arranger and composer, the CD ”Menti” (“Minds“).

In 2010 it happened a change in his production towards progressive and experimental music. 6 electric guitars compositions were born for solo guitar on loop and acoustic guitar. This production will be a CD called “Alchimie” (“Alchemies”).

          In 2011 he produced and released a full-length film entitled “The Last Season”: he is the author of the subject of the work and he played the Assistant Director function, he is the author of the soundtrack and co-scriptwriter too.

In 2014 he moves to Germany (where he currently lives) where he works like a concert performer and a music teacher. He takes part in international festivals having guitar concerts also in Switzerland and France.

Since 2017 he plays in a duet with the singer-accordionist Christine Schmid a German and French Chansons repertory and also Gypsy music. The same year he publishes the CD “Retrospektive” that collects records taken from different concerts which took place between 1989 and 2004.

In 2020 he publishes the CD “Zwischen Erde und Himmel” containing his own compositions for guitar, chorus and orchestra.

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